Greetings & Salutations!

I’m an interaction designer and software developer with a fascination for finding a balance between the holistic and the linear surrounding any project – carefully paying attention to the analysis of relations and interaction. At a young age my mother taught me that once you balance the creative mind with the logical mind, you’ll see how the whole of both will expand into more.

I’m a believer in life long learning and cultivate that passion with disciplines that nurture both the analytical/methodical and creative/artistic sides of myself. Subjects I’m drawn to include psychology, astrophysics, computer networking, cybersecurity, music production/dj’ing (I was in the music industry, you can check that out here:, graphic design, photography, videography, video editing, and creative writing.

I’m motivated by my experiences and passions as they’ve added to my constant self-evolution and the way I solve problems. I love working in teams with others who also bring their own individual expansion, and using both research and design along with engineering and business – I strive to understand behavior, seeking out the right problems, and creating meaningful solutions.

Fun Facts: I’m an Aries and my Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is: INFP-A /INTP-A (an even split between the feeling and the thinking). I love poetry and am defenseless to classic literature. I’m a lover of humanity and perpetually curious to see how the frequencies of my life unfold and intermingle with those around me in an expansive universal articulation.

I’m always interested in a challenge – to connect!

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